Tuesday, 4 January 2011

News Feature - My first draft for my news feature for journalism --> comments, pointers and criticism all welcome!

London Fashion Week may showcase the works of some of the words greatest and most prestigious designers, but it is also a time when up and coming designers are able to take centre stage and show off their own skills. And this is exactly what happened for these twenty-four young hopefuls who form this years Fashion Awareness Direct students when they stole the evening with a fashion show dedicated to their personal work and designs at the honourable Freemason’s Hall in London for Vauxhall Fashion Scout. I was lucky enough to attend the Junior Awards Ceremony on Monday 22nd September 2010 to witness the hardwork and dedication of the students first hand.
Fashion Awareness Direct takes one hundred and twenty-five teenagers from different schools in London and Greater Manchester and over a period of ten weeks designed and created a toile for their garments which were then exhibited at the Rich Mix Arts Centre in Shoreditch, East London. Twenty-four hopefuls where then chosen to take their work further in cutting, creating and refining their pieces for a week during the summer at the University of East London ready to be presented in a professional fashion show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. The students were guided through the process with expert tuition from practicing designers and they were also lucky enough to attend an industry day at River Island which gave them an insight and further knowledge in to what working life within fashion and design is actually like. Their garments were witnessed by seven industry professionals along with world renowned fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, as they had the all important job of selecting a winner and three runners up.
Brief: Past, Present and Future
Past: The idea was to create a garment that was inspired from the Victoria and Albert Medieval and Renaissance galleries - AD 300 to 1600.
Present: Redefine Luxury to create “new-luxe.”
Future: Students were to create a piece that posses the qualities and originality to be part of an in store collection.
The award for  Commercial Innovation was awarded to 17 year old Karman - Marie Parker who’s on trend acid wash denim dungarees which she described as “Fashion Armour” was favourable between the judges. Eighteen year old Sarah Kilkenny was the next runner up to receive an award for Research, which had clearly been demonstrated in her beautifully designed sketch book and illustrations. Her in depth research was inspiration for her plaited neck mini dress which was very well received on the catwalk.  The final runner up award was handed to Andre Augusto from North London. The 17 year old was awarded with the Creative Cutting Piece Award for his dramatic sculptural black and navy dress. He described his original approach for his illustration as a dress that would make the wearer feel “powerful and dominant,” which is unquestionable with his intricate detailed and structured design making him a strong contender within the competition. Industry professionals were so impressed with Andres work that he was later approached and offered two weeks work experience at the “River Island Design House” in West London. On speaking with Andre Augusto he quoted that his time at Fashion Awareness Direct was “Challenging” and “a fantastic opportunity.“ “I was so surprised, as I didn’t really expect to win anything, I was just happy to be taking part and to see my dress on the catwalk,“ added Andre. David Short,17 from Lewisham College was named the overall winner of the competition for his sophisticated emerald green dress, which I feel is on trend, wearable and relevant for women in the modern world today. David, the first boy to win the competition in six years was thrilled to be awarded with a work placement at “Religion.”


  1. Fantastic piece it really Diggs you into the moment and makes me want to attend this sort of shows. I think I just notices right at the beginning you meant to say works of the beat designers in the world I think you got words but I'm sure you intended the word. :) I so want to see this shows. Richmix is a great place I adore it

  2. Thank you for your comments bruno, they are much appreciated. It has to be submitted on monday and your comments just made me feel a whole lot happier about it :) Yeah Richmix is a cool place :) xx