Sunday, 27 February 2011

Before GaGa there was...

This isn't intended as a dig at Lady GaGa, as blates I am a fan! 

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Creative Director of Christian Dior John Galliano has been suspended from the Fashion house after claims that he racially attacked a couple in a restaurant in Paris. It is speculation that this incident that occurred on February 24th 2011 was the result of Galliano drinking the equivalent of two bottles of wine and reports claim that anti-semitic behaviors in France are punishable by up to six-months in prison. 

[IMAGE CREATED BY ME! - Paint is just such a hi-tech program!]

I can't really have a proper opinion on this matter as of yet, because I don't really know what happened, how it began and what caused it. But one thing I do know is that violence isn't something that the Fashion industry tends to promote, so he may face a backlash if allowed to continue his work with Dior which he began in 1996. 

I hope it wasn't a result of a disrespectful attitude and someone who thinks that because of their position they can act and treat people how ever they want to, because that's just the most off putting thing in the world.

But i'm sure everyone agrees that he is a GENIUS.

So lets hope DIOR's PR's have gone into reactive mode and are working extra hard to cover this one up QUICKTIME!! 


So heres the story.
My beautiful bestie Marci is just too stunning and I have always thought that she looked exactly like Aaliayh, which is weird on one level as Aaliayh is her IDOL! 
Check out the similarities in their facial features...

And then she goes ahead and shaves her hair and looks exactly like Cassie, but still when I look at her I see Aaliayh, but now i'm seeing Cassie too!!


Maybe I am over reacting, but she is beautiful and she does look like them both!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Notion Magazine - Jessie J

Check out Jessie J in the latest edition of

Yet again she looks absolutely stunning. Her bold persona is so captivating that I just can't keep my eyes from staring. 

Jessie J's style and attitude sets her aside from her fellow females in today's industry. She's a feisty chick that comes freshly packaged with the most amazing edgy vocals and not forgetting that this girl can write too! 

I am most defiantly going to be buying her album (or illegally downloading haha!) Either way i'm jumping on this shit while it's hot and so should YOU too!


What: Her debut album "Who you are."
When: March 28th 2011

Notion Magazine OUT NOW! 

The Model Agency

Channel 4 
Episode 1
Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011
The Model Agency

The pressures leading up to New York Fashion Week are amounting and this is no exception for Premier Model Management founded by former model Carol White and her brother Chris Owen. 

The top modelling agency has represented many household names including; Lisa Snowdon, Claudia Schiffer and most famously Naomi Campbell. Follow in this first episode as Carol and her team prepare for the big shows ahead whilst trying to convince one of their youngest models India to see the Fashion Week through after she is struck by last minute nerves proving that this is no industry for the faint hearted.

Carol has now become my new favourite woman with all that shouting and swearing in the beginning credits. Love a woman in control!

Click on the link below to watch the full episode.


Next Episode...March 2nd 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jacalyn Forbes: My Most recent Shoot for Alevis Mbola Collection

Jacalyn Forbes: My Most recent Shoot for Alevis Mbola Collection: "Just when I was going to give up on Modelling. I received my, Not Yet retouched photos from the Alevis Mbola shoot."

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Katie Eary

Heres a few randoms from British Designer: Katie Eary. 



What more could you want? 
Thank god i was reading the current issue of ID and set eyes upon this beauty.

Why I Love The Queen Bee.

I love hood chicks! Just can't get enough of em', but there's just something about a real women fresh from the hood with fresh talk and a fresh walk dressed to the nines, looking super slick in designer armor and fur coats. 


"No matter what people say" about her she was the original female who was able to rock out in the Versace Jumpsuit, Chanel Shades, Colorful wigs, High Heeled shoes and still get down with the dudes. She paved the way for females in the rap industry. Most people seem to forget that she was and still is a huge fashion figure and mixes with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace weather you think her style is damn right trash or sexy as hell you have to admit shes an iconic for taking risks and that right there is the epitome of a style icon. 


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

U Magazine: Feb 2011

U magazine: February 2011

Model: Eduardo Calero 
Stylist: Fredo Montes. Assistant: Nick Alvarez
Photographer: Caius Christoe. Assistant: Daniel Erne
Makeup: Asif Zaidi