Monday, 1 August 2011


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The 24th July marked the beginning of a three day festival in celebration of Japanese Culture. From food to fashion Hyper Japan at the Kensington Olympia has something on offer for everyone. We were lucky enough to gain press entry to the event set over two floors jam packed with Fashion stalls, Food, Gaming and Anime.
Designers of the day:
London based Fashion Designer Aisa Fuckumoto immediately caught our eye with her 2009 Alice in Wonderland inspired collection projected against Japanese Gardens. The femininity of her jewellery and clothing pieces had clearly been captured in life as through her beautifully illustrated sketchbook drawings. Aisa graduated from the University of Hertfordshire and began her journey of design through her love of illustration and photography. She hopes to one day open her very own boutique.
Alongside her was Central St Martin’s graduate Statoshi Date from Tokyo with his organically handcrafted collection that consists of an all natural compilation through recycling skilfully presented through his array of vests, bags, dresses and dyed accessories with the mixing of various different colours in order to achieve its unique colouration. The warmth and texture of Statoshi’s set up fitted superbly with the theme of Japanese Culture and is a prime example of the creativity that lives within Japanese fashion.

Style Stop
The Harajuku trend originates from Harajuku Station in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, Japan. It is inspired by the approach that young people in the area have taken to fashion by dressing in such a variety of styles along with a care free manor all meshed into one.  The idea is to take as many different styles as you can and by infusing them together you create one look.
The term “Harajuku Girls” is usually referenced to describe young teenagers from this particular area and the way in which they choose to dress.

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